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May. 4th, 2007 | 05:48 pm
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Hey, some of you have been wanting PDFs of the longer fics like Red and Dazzleland and so forth. Just because I'm so at a loose end (so not, right?), but mostly because iwondery MADE all the PDFs for me, I got off my fat, lazy ass chaise lounge and made myself a WEBSITE where you can look at all the fics and download at will. I haven't figured out how you can leave comments, so let me know here what you think.

*dancing spastic happy dance*

And, um, I'm really working on the new fic. Really, I am. I just got distracted by JA and JP doing the awesome, you know?

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SPN fic: Verbal, part II

Apr. 15th, 2007 | 05:30 pm

And because LJ likes me so much on my birthday, it's given me the extra-special present of letting me post this oneshot in two parts.


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SPN fic: Verbal, part I

Apr. 15th, 2007 | 05:27 pm
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Hell, two posts in one day? I'm freakin' spammin' y'all. But here you go...fic. In two parts.

Title: Verbal

Rating: G-13 for language and mature situations. Gen-like, with a twist. That’s your warning.
Summary: Dean spills his guts. Sam is amused, then appalled. Oneshot, complete.

Thanks to the marvelous and amazing betas. lemmypie mainlined Bonanza for me and then regurgitated it on demand. jmm0001 slapped me upside the head and demanded structure.

a/n 1: This fic makes references to events in my previous fics Red, Dazzleland and Cirque de Céline. How’s that for self-pimping? However, you can totally read this without having read those other things. All you have to know is this: Sam left for Stanford from Niagara Falls, resulting in an annus horribilis for Dean and John (Dazzleland); the boys met a Trickster before the one in Tall Tales (Cirque de Céline); and Sam killed a Big Bad Wolf to save Dean in Washington State (Red).

a/n 2: according to the super-wiki timeline, there’s a bit of a jump between Roadkill and Heart, with many eps possibly coming between look here for more. Rather unadvisedly, I’m going to ignore that very good bit of theorizing, and I hope super-canonical folks don’t freak on my ass, because I’m following the ep airing sequence, which the super-wiki guys (rightfully) suggest might be fucked up. So Verbal takes place between Roadkill and Heart, sometime in late February, Season Two.

a/n 3: This is for tabaqui, for whom I promised something where they talked to each other.

At first, Sam blamed the whole thing on Dean getting laid.Collapse )


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SPN fic: Dazzleland 10/10

Mar. 22nd, 2007 | 02:10 pm
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Chapter 10/Over, Over, Over

Destination: Niagara Falls, of course. Gen, PG-13. Complete. Horror/drama. A smidgen of angst. A big freakin’ smidgen of angst.

Travel Advisory: High body count. Blood. General wretchedness. Unforgivably wordy.

Cabin Crew: I never leave home without them -- jmm0001and lemmypie. They make sure I have the right documentation, that the meals are hot, and that I’m not carrying any firearms or illegal drugs. Wait. No. They don’t do that last thing.

Your pilot this flight: Without him, we got nothing. Captain Kripke steers the plane; I’m just your on-flight entertainment.

Read Dazzleland, previous chapters

Read the new stuff:Chapter 10/Over, Over, OverCollapse )

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SPN fic: Dazzleland 9/10

Mar. 12th, 2007 | 01:16 pm
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Chapter 9/Coming to Grief

WIPPITY WIP WIP: Gen, PG-13. WIP, penultimate chapter. Horror/drama.

Big Fat Violence: I have a really high tolerance for violence. I do. Some of the rest of you, maybe not so much. In addition to the phenomenal body-count, this chapter is also incredibly…gut-wrenching. Fair warning, don’t read it if your meds are needing upped.

Beta-Beta Bing: They kick the shit of me, but I love them so: jmm0001and lemmypie.

Sleeping with the Fishes: Hey, has anyone actually had a conversation with Kripke lately? Is he still around? They say he ‘owns’ this stuff, but maybe he’s getting weak. Maybe we can push our product in his turf…

Read Dazzleland, previous chapters

Read Chapter 9/Coming to GriefCollapse )

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SPN fic: Dazzleland 8B/10

Mar. 2nd, 2007 | 09:54 pm
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And here's the next bit...

Also, for those lovely lovelies leaving comments -- many thanks and I'll be responding to everything, just as soon as the coffee kicks in. *kisses*

Read the rest of Chapter 8/DaredevilCollapse )

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SPN fic: Dazzleland 8/10 part A

Mar. 2nd, 2007 | 09:51 pm
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Chapter Eight/Daredevil

What it is: Gen, PG-13. WIP. Horror/drama.
What to look out for: Okay, gentle readers. Here’s your warning – it gets bloody and violent from here on in. Oh, and it’s horrifically long.
Who I’m thanking: This chapter in particular would have been bloodier and far less coherent without the betas, jmm0001and lemmypie.
What it’s not: This is not a money-making enterprise, I own only the words and the rest belongs to the Krip, the CW and other money-making enterprises. Which are making money from this enterprise.

Read Dazzleland, previous chapters

It's too bloody long to post in one, my usual MO. So I'm posting it in two parts. Mea culpa, chicas.
Read Chapter 8/Daredevil, part ACollapse )


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SPN fic: Dazzleland 7/10, part B

Feb. 19th, 2007 | 09:45 pm
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...and here's the rest of it. Ask me how much I like LJ today, hm?

Oh how nice it will be to read Part B of this awesome chapter I"m in the middle of reading...Collapse )

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SPN fic: Dazzleland 7/10, part A

Feb. 19th, 2007 | 09:40 pm
where I'm at: ignoring realifeland
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Chapter Seven/Ellipsis

Sermon: Gen, PG-13. Lousy with OCs (What? You’re gonna have a multi-chapter piece without them?) WIP, curtain comes down at Chapter 10. Horror/drama

‘Verse: present-day action takes place between Crossroad Blues up to Croatoan.

Glory and exultation: Kripke, the man in black, the fella with all the chips, the dude in the Big House. Thanks, however, go to the ever-vigilant and totally not-crying jmm0001. lemmypie is catching all my Canuck and working through plot points as though it’s fun. And now…visuals, too! smilla02’s awesome cover of sheer awesomeness makes me feel like I’m writing a movie, man! How cool is THAT? Check out her brilliant Dazzleland cover here.

Read Dazzleland, previous chapters

Read Chapter 7/Ellipsis, part A on account of LJ thinks this is too big...part B to follow immediately...grrrCollapse )

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Beaver Squee

Feb. 10th, 2007 | 02:08 pm
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Below the cut for major unadultered squeeful squees about Jim Beaver, the character of Bobby Singer and why he needs to stick around.Collapse )

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