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All hurt, no comfort
15 April
Oh, hello. Here I am. I have written a bit in the Supernatural fandom, comment randomly, get excited by food and foodie posts, and give bonus points if the post throws in some maudlin reference to the 1970s. I watch a hella amount of TV. I may get sucked into the vortex of another fandom, but I'm going to ask you to talk me out of it. 'kay? Thx.

I also post under robin_riopelle, which is my author ID for the publishing world. I may respond to comments as Big_Pink or robin_riopelle, depending on how lazy I'm feeling. (You know, I would have put links there, but I seem to have forgotten how to hand code). You may want to buy my novel, Deadroads (from Night Shade Books). You can get that sh*t everywhere. Well, on Amazon and a bunch of other online sites. If you like, ask for it at your local independent bookstore and get them to order it in! I'd like that!

All my Supernatural Fic can be found under memories

Wither friending?

I've given up figuring out the friends thing. I like friends (obviously), and will likely friend back if I don't get lazy (note: chances are good that I'll be lazy, okay? No reflection on you).

Wither content suitable for sookie wee babies?

Although I'm going to assume you're all grown up and responsible for yourself, whatever that means, you'll find that I'm usually writing at the PG-13 level. My kids know how to google 'Big Pink' and god only knows what mayhem might ensue, for pete's sake. Even so, I tend to write fairly bloody and I swear like Shane McGowan with his hair on fire. Alas, the kids are quite accustomed to it.

Wither wither?

I was just at an art history conference and all the sessions were 'Wither Canadian landscape?' and 'Wither art historical discourse?' and that cracked my shit up, but not in a good way.

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